S.A.S Adhesive & Sealant Engineers Kit SASKIT1

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Description 10 Piece Kit Qty : 1 Kit

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Comprehensive kit containing the most frequently used adhesive and sealant products from the range. Supplied in a tough plastic storage case.

Kit contents:
1 x Super Glue: 20g.
1 x Thread Lock: 10ml.
1 x Stud Lock: 10ml.
1 x Nut Lock: 10ml.
1 x Bearing Fit: 50ml.
1 x Instant Gasket, Blue: 100ml.
1 x Multi Gasket: 50ml.
1 x Brake & Airline Sealant: 50ml.
1 x High Strength Epoxy: 25ml.
1 x Quick Metal Liquid: 25ml.